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Audio Integration

Today’s car audio systems are complex from the factory. The process of upgrading your factory/OEM system can be tricky and should be handled by trained professionals like the techs at Finisihline Auto Salon. Stop by!

We understand the factory systems from the inside out and use the best aftermarket equipment to ensure that our integration works like factory. From radios to phones to iPads, Android devices and everything in between we get it.


Any excellent system starts with conception. Our expert design team is devoted to giving you the maximum performance and dependability of your aftermarket upgrade through outstanding system design.


There's nothing thing like needing to use your phone in the car and having to deal with all of the cables and cords, not to mention various controls on both your mobile device and you cars other electronics. Phones are just one of the things we can integrate with your factory system.


Our professional installers specialize in not only making your system seem wonderful, but look the part too. With expertise in custom fiberglass enclosures, aftermarket lighting, and custom door panels, plus much more. Our crew of specialist are here to build or fabricate anything imaginable


We take pride in every aspect of your system. We will sit with you to discuss your idea or concept. Next we align your project with our expert installation team and they get to work. Their years of industry experience provide a level of quality and knowledge that makes us a leader in the industry.

Security & Tracking

There is no feeling worse than that moment of looking for your car and realizing that it's not where you left it. It's times like that, that you understand the importance of having a vehicle security system that would have scared off the bad guy and saved you from the headache and aggravation of not feeling safe.

Should the unfortunate happen you will feel better knowing you have had a tracking device installed that will help you and the authorities find your ride. Tracking devices also provide a great deal of logistics insights and tracking capabilities for fleets.


No matter if your car is brand new to an oldie but goodie, knowing that you have a little extra help keeping an eye on it makes you feel great! Come see us today for a vehicle alarm and while you're here, check out the remote start options that we offer. Nothing better than a warm car when it's cold out!


Breaker Breaker One Nine is a great way to get another drivers attention but if the goal is to keep track of your fleet then a GPS tracking system may be the key! These systems are designed to help you monitor the whereabouts of your crew while providing insights that allow you to adjust your logistics strategy.


DVR (digital video recording) cameras for cars and trucks are on the rise as they provide you with an added level of insight regarding how your car is being operated whether it's by your teen or maybe even an employee. They also provide valuable insight in the event of an accident or other traffic related issues.


The ability to get in your car immediately provides both convenience and safety. Our keyless entry solutions give you the power to get in and get going. When aligned with a new power window system, you can rest assured that your car has the latest and great features on the market.

In Car Entertainment

In car entertainment or ICE offers a very similar experience to that of in home entertainment. Integration of mobile devices into factory systems as well as the addition of screens and other connected devices bring the living room into your vehicle.

If you have a vision of what your In Car Entertainment experience should be, please stop by and speak with one of our ICE experts. They will help you bring your vision to life! We are sure that you will be satisfied" Remove and change too. "DVD players, monitors, wifi, or video streaming to anywhere in your car is possible at FinishLine Auto Salon.


Headrest monitors provide a level of in car entertainment that is usually only achievable in the house. The inside of your car, truck or minivan becomes the place to be once lives shows, video game and movies become a normal part of the experience. Come see us today for discuss what's right for you.


Want a little more control over the video experience? Take a look at our great Flip-Down monitor deals. They provide a centralized viewing solution that can be enjoyed by the entire family at the same time. Movies, DVD's and video games can all come to life on these awesome in car video monitors.


Video has become a big part of our world from home to the car to your destination. We offer a wide variety of video solutions and applications for your car. We can turn your factory screen into a streaming monitor, giving you full access to play anything imaginable on your screen.


Adding Blue tooth technology has many advantages. You can send a receive phone calls with hands free technology. Most starts are now requiring bluetooth systems in order to use your phone while driving. We can add or integrate to almost every system.

Convenience & Safety

Modern technology has enabled us to do all kinds of great things while on the go. "Connected devices" enable the devices that are not connected so everything can work together as one big harmonious ecosystem designed to make our lives easier or better.

Many of these technologies have made their way to the car along with safety features that make life on the go easier. TV in the car, Movies in the car, Mapping Software, and even full blown computers and wifi are making it possible to all we have to do is drive and ask our cars for help!

Back-Up Camera

Some technology is an absolute necessity. Back cameras fall into that category as they have multiple functions. One is to prevent the accidental engagement people or items behind your car. The second is to provide an additional view of what's behind you when you're doing things like parking!

Parking Assistance

Parking assistance technology does just that. It assists you when parking. Built in warning systems help you understand when you're getting to close the curb, other vehicles and/or obstacles such as trees, poles and other cars.

Radar Systems

That old saying "when you see them, it's too late" comes to mind when thinking about the reasons why a radar detector makes so much sense. I'm sure that everyone has that fast moment while driving and/or just happen to be the one zooming along a tad too fast. Help yourself out, get a radar system!

Driving Assistance

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are technologies that offer a motorist with fundamental tips, automate difficult or repetitive jobs, and result in an overall upsurge in automobile safety for everybody.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."
- Henry Ford -


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