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Our lighting solutions let you light up any road, track or trail however dark the night or how wicked the weather. Powerful LEDs wrapped in heavy-duty casings blaze a bright ray through the mud and mess.


When it's to take things off road you want to make sure that you can see what's ahead of you. We have almost every off-road lighting system on the planet. Light Bars, Fog Lights, Driving Lights, LED, HID... You name it we have it! Come by today to chat about your off road vehicle.


We carry a wide assortment of work truck lighting. Here are some of the light set ups we can help you with! Alternating Flashers, Beacons, Strobe Lights, Warning Lights, Cab Lights, Light Bars, Tow Lights, Switch Panels. Head & Tail Light Flashers Strobes & Flashing LED


Whether your goal is better lighting or a complete lighting upgrade, we can make it happen as we take pride in being LED and HID lighting experts. There are so many options to choose from these days it's almost impossible to make the right decision. That's what we're here for... To get it right the first time!


With so many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, getting your truck set up correctly according to need and regulations is a straight forward task for us here at Finishline Auto Salon. Our beacons are certified for use on all type of work vehicles and emergency vehicles. Stop by today to look at our solutions.


Stop by our store today to see our lineup of warning beacons and flasher. Police, Fire and Emergency beacons require professional installation and service. Our group of trained technicians have the knowledge, the skills and the expertise to get your vehicle setup and ready to go to work. Come see us today!


Not happy with the look of your factory headlights? We can change them for you. We can add angel eyes, leds, or even blacked out housings. We can even make fully customized lights to your specifications. Stop by and see some of our lighting options.


Taillight upgrades are a sure fire way to make sure those behind you know that you are slowing down or about to stop. Factory/OEM lighting does what's required but if you are looking to step things up a notch or two with customs tailgate lights, you need to come by Finishline Auto Salon.


LED Light bars provide maximum light output when and where you need it most. From a small bar that fits across the front of your bumper to one designed to fit across the entire front or top of your truck we can handle your request. We have several brands and styles in stock. Come on in today and have a look!


From emergency vehicles to off-road monsters we have roof lights designed to let people know that you're coming and to brighten up the scene once you get there. Roof light applications vary depending on the need and we're all set to help you tackle any situation here at Finishline Auto Salon.


Want to make sure the driver behind you knows your braking intentions? Well, come have a look at one of our tailgate LED light bars. Designed to add a great look to your truck while providing enhanced lights such that you can avoid one of those "I didn't see you braking" type of moments.


Bed lighting provides the light that you need in the bed of your truck to get things done. Done properly it not only looks great but also give full coverage of your truck bed so that you can get the job done. Need a light in your bed? We have them!


Nothing brings home on the road like a well lit interior with a well thought out color scheme that highlights your great interior and that gives you the extra light you need to make sure that you and those riding with you can find your way in and out of your vehicle safely. Makes things easier to find too! Light it up!


Under car lighting provides sex appeal for your car. Plain and simple! There is nothing cooler than a well thought out under car light setup to really set your car off from the crowd. We can install every color and every pattern possible. You let us know what you want or need and we well make it happen!


Want to light up your Motorcycle? Red, blue, green, yellow motorcycle lights are a perfect way to bring and extra level of flairs to your bike or other 2 or 3 wheel vehicle. Not all Motorcycle lighting systems are the same so make sure to stop but with your vision. We will work with you to make it a reality. Stop by!


When it comes to any type of 12 Volt installations, we consider ourselves to be experts. That applies to lighting systems as well. Our staff members have years of combined experience which allow them to utilize their collective talents and knowledge to makes sure that your installation is one that satisfies your needs.


If you're a local municipality and you're in need of vehicle lighting systems, please come see us as we understand the various needs and requirements of MUNICIPAL LIGHTING. We look forward to working with your organization whether you have a few vehicles or a complete fleet...

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."
- Henry Ford -


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