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Suspension upgrades can go from subtle to extreme, and everything in between. With that knowledge in mind, we set out to ensure that we provide you with the right solution for your off-road vehicle. We work with you on not just an off road upgrade, but off road vehicle solutions that leave you satisfied and ready to hit the trails!

Whether your goals are similar to something you’ve seen before or something you have been dreaming of, Finishline is the right place to make it happen! We look forward to hearing from you soon or seeing you in the store.


Lift Kits provide both that aggressive look that will get you noticed when you roll up and increased the performance that allows you to tackle the most intense and rugged off-road terrain out there.


Body lifts are a great way for any truck, Jeep or SUV to fit bigger tires on the factory suspension. It’s a great way to get an awesome look and increased performance without breaking the bank or being too aggressive with your factory suspension.


Need to get your front and rear ends in line with each other or leveled? You’ve come to the right place as Finishline Auto Salon understands leveling kits better than any shop out there. We carry some of the best brands and we have expert installation and service available.


Lowered, Slammed, Dropped … whatever you call it, it’s LOW! We understand that not everyone has aspiration of riding high so we carry a full line of suspension products & air ride solutions designed to help you drop your vehicle as low as it can go… Safely of course!


The enormous amount of wheel and tire options in motorsports are amazing. From basic OEM tires and wheels to really aggressive knobby off road rubber, the process of choosing the best fit and the best look can be long and overwhelming. We’re here to help!


Everything you need to set your vehicle apart from everyone else. Exterior parts will complete your every day needs to everyday wants. From steel bumpers, nerf bars, chrome accessories to anything you could imagine, we can make it happen.


The idea of getting your OEM vehicle to perform better is the driving force behind the plethora of ways that we’re able to get better everything from your vehicle. Horsepower, torque, speed and pulling power are some of the things that we can make better. Come on in today!


The words mobile electronics have taken on new meaning as technology manufacturers are setting out to turn our cars and trucks into extensions of our lives. We can handle all your integration need on the interior and exterior of your vehicle.


Jeeps are like the erector sets of the road. The only thing that limits how they look and what you can do to them is left to your imagination. Taking a Jeep apart is probably easier than putting one together. From wheels, to lift kits to, off road tires to exhaust, to interior and exterior parts a Jeep is a virtual tinker toy that’s designed to be modified and changed until you have the look and performance that you’re looking for. The only difference is that this toy is BIG and it’s real.

Finishline Auto Salon takes pride in its Jeep knowhow! When combined with the massive amount of Jeep accessories there’s no look, feel or level of performance that we cannot achieve. We ask that you simply stop by the store with your questions and your vision for your vehicle. We will work with you on a solution that gets you exactly what you’re looking for.


The coolest thing about the original Jeep was the rugged look and all the cool stuff that you could attach to it. Jeep hasn't changed much over the years but the amount of exterior options has grown over the years.


Jeeps provide an awesome foundation for all kinds of cool accessories and attachments. Lighting is at the top of that list with many configurations available.


The interior of a jeep is similar to that of the outside in that it's designed almost natively to accept attachments and upgrades that kick this already great platform up a notch.


Jeeps are designed to conquer almost any terrain. Stop by Finishline Auto Salon today to discover all the great performance upgrades available for your Jeep.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking."
- Henry Ford -


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Our customers are our number one priority. We do this through constant communication, honesty & taking pride in our work.

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We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our labor & offer the best products in the marketplace to ensure a long lasting aftermarket upgrade in your vehicle.