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RIMS and Wheels are often used synonymously to identify the most stylish upgrade possible for your vehicle. It’s the one upgrade that has both an ascetic and a performance enhancement built into one. Come see us to discuss what’s possible for your vehicle. We have a wide variety of RIMS to choose from at Finishline Auto Salon.

Concave Wheels and Rims, Mesh Wheels and Rims, Spoke Wheels and Rims, Aluminum Wheels and Rims, Chrome Wheels and Rims, Mag Wheels and Rims, Alloy Wheels and Rims, Off Road Wheels and Rims. We carry them all in various sizes and colors. We are confident that we can accommodate the look you want and the performance you expect. Come see us!


Truck, Jeep and Off Road rims are awesomely productive vehicle upgrades. They produce that rugged aggressive look while providing enhanced performance. Whether you choose black powder coated aluminum or, big shiny chrome, you can rest assured that we have what you need.


You arrive in your super exotic car only to realize that everyone else with the same car has a car that looks well, the same. You have to power to change that by customizing the look and feel of your car with some high performance custom rims. Come on by and we will help you match things up!


If you drive an everyday passenger vehicle and would love to spice it up a bit then you need to come to Finishline Auto Salon and have a look at our wheels and rims. We have a huge inventory and we will take the time to work with you on the optimal look and fit while keeping your cars specs into account.


Do you drive a vintage or old school ride? If yes, do you have a need for that specific rim that serves as the finishing touch? Come on by and let us work with you on the final element of your vintage or old school car project, the rims. We’re experts in classic rides and look forward to helping you.


Tires play a dual role on our cars, trucks, suvs and off road vehicles. They provide standard OEM functionally to driving us across the road and for some they provide an automotive upgrade component that changes the look and the performance of the vehicle. .

There's no better way to get your ride looking and driving right than a great set up of tires with a great set of rims. Off Road Tires, High Performance Tires, Low Profile Tires, All Season Tires, Mud Tires, Truck Tires, SUV Tires, All Terrain Tires, Snow/Winter Tires, Motorcycle and ATV Tires... You need them, we have them! Lots of them in all sizes. Stop by today and let us set you up!


Come on by and check out the wide variety of great truck tires at Finishline Auto Salon. We offer great brands such as BFG, Goodyear, Toyo, Firestone, and more.


We have a huge selection of Off Road tires for all types of terrain and all types of vehicles. We offer premium brands such as Toyo, ProComp, Mickey Thompson, Nitto and more.


Cars R Us when it comes to tires. We stock everything from OEM replacements to aggressive low profiles.


Want to go fast but need to right tires to do it? Come on over to Finishline Auto Salon and we will help you select the right one.


When it comes to Rims the type of rim you need, can be quite perplexing. Depending on your vehicle and application you may have a limited choice but rest assured Finishline Auto Salon will work with you to make sure that you now only have the look and feel that you’re looking but also the appropriate size and material. Getting it right is our goal.

The number of spokes, the color, the finish, the material, and then of course, the application, all play a role in making sure that your rims are aligned with your vehicle and your vision. We’re happy to go through an evaluation process with you to make sure that everything looks great and fits right. We ask that you come prepared to have some fun while shopping for your vehicles new shoes! See you at Finishline!


Looking for a great looking awesome performing forged wheel? Come on by and see our selection. We carry 1 piece, 2 piece or 3 piece custom forged wheels to fit your vehicle perfectly.


No matter the need we hope to accommodate. If you are looking for lightweight wheels for your car give us a call. We call a full lineup.


You have a wheel vision or a special offset need. We can handle it. Stop by our showroom and chat with one of our wheel experts.


Step up to a three piece wheel and conquer the look and performance game. It takes a special car and a special vision to rock a 3 piece. Do you have the vision?


One would think that Rims & Tires equal a done deal when it comes to modifying your vehicle, however the application of Rims & Tires is really just beginning in that there are a number of great accessories that are designed to take your Rims+Tire look and performance to the next level. Whether you have a Rims & Tires setup already or you’re looking for something new, we can help take the overall experience up a notch!

Lug Nuts (Chome, Colored, Neon), Wheel Locks, BeadLocks, Valve Stems, Hub Covers, Hex Bolt Caps, Wheel Dust Shields, Tire Pressure Gauges, Valve Caps, Portable Air Compressors all represent next level wheel accessories that kick your rim/wheel game up a notch. We stock or have access to a plethora of wheel and rims accessories so stop by and let us know how we can help.


Lug Nuts and locks will keep your wheels looking good and secure. Protect the time and money that you put into securing nice rims or wheels for your ride.


Know what's going on in real time. Our tire experts can work with you on a tire pressure monitoring system for your car, truck or SUV.


Need to work on your wheels at home or on the road. Make sure you have the right tools and jacks for the job. We offer a wide selection of low profile ramps, sockets & other products that will help you with your project. Come see Finishline Auto Salon today.


Need a new or upgraded tire carrier or rack? Stop by to see what's possible for your car or truck. We'll find a great solution for you.

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